Katie Eary Cheetah print shirt

Every since I seen this kaleidoscope with actual Cheetahs printed shirt I feel in love with it. Then I seen Rihanna Wearing it made me love it even more. I think it's time you know about a designer named Katie Eary ! She's a London based designer who entered her way in through the back door starting with Menswear , when most designers start with Womenswear .she had a different plan. When I seen her collections I couldn't deny how much attention she's strutted with her breathtaking designs. Giving Menswear a new look. 

She is one to look out for !! Now back to the shirt, I always say if you are going to wear a t-shirt make it exciting.


Launching: Burnette & Burke Style team

As you all Should know I started another web blog for my style team Burnette & Burke on Blogspot !

I hope for you guy to enjoy our blog and journey as two stylist. We will alway update so you might not want to miss out , and follow by email.

We named this Blog Chronicles of a Fabulous Mess , with our ULR : Burnette-Burke.blogspot.com

"we sometimes can get caught up in our craft. We work our selves until the point we could  be named a mess. But this is Fashion so everything can be rewarding at the same time while things remain Fabulous. We started this because we love what we do, and do what we love."

Also subscribe by email.


p.s You can be directed to our blog the page titled "Burnette & Burke Style team".


Versace Spring 2013

How may I enlighten you with Versace Spring/Summer collection for Menswear finale walk through. this is why I love Youtube !

 I will gladly post the show when it launches.


Missions of a challenger



Lately I've been under pressure about my weight from my family members. it's nice to know you are concern about it , and I do acknowledge it when I'm looking in the mirror. I'm pretty confident about who I am and how I look, but it can be made a few adjustments here and there. I hated the feelings of pressure from my grandparents (which are the people I live with) about it especially my grandfather. It would bother me so much it makes me not even consider wanting lose weight. I'm like this either it's my way or the high way.

You have many others out there that are struggling with their size, in many cases I'm the one who procrastinate on at least turning to a work out channel. I don't know what hit me , maybe the shame that we have older people living in my neighborhood and walk there dogs, run, and even jog more then I do just to be healthy. The only time I've attempted walking around the block was just once. Realizing how long of a walk it was then where we once lived. I believe short cuts aren't the answer if you want true results.

Out of no where , no that I've gotten time on my hands from no school. Why not set a goal weight , work out 5 times a day, only for 20 minutes. I learned it's only what you can do , and do what you can. I'm doing this for my health and better clothing, which sounds cliche of  a statement. 

Yes, you can be on the plus size to have some style but wouldn't it be better to be on the lighter end of the table? Not to offend those that are heavier, because you are still fab. Just saying.

As of now did a weigh-in. the scale estimation  was 389.8, and my goal weight is to at least get back to 200 pounds. Of course I'm willing to go lower but that is what goals are about.     

I'm a challenger, and it's time I've did this because I haven't challenged myself to do anything this year. Expect for the reasons of  fashion.

Now that I have written a whole easy on this topic, I MUST keep my word.

I don't expect to have this beautiful models body, but I look to be "thin" if I could say.

What are your goals?

how do you plan to achieve it? I just started working out for at least 20 mins , 5 times a week.

Wish me luck.


Darius Burnette xo


Fashion and sports

For a while now I've always ran into a macho guy that always love sports especially football  , and it never past me when I have an encounter with a man of this character. Sometime they might think because of my size I prefer to play football , and that would be the best thing for me to do. I just find myself being passive , instead of assertive about telling how I really feel about it. I'll say that isn't what I like or "I'd play foot ball if there was a 5 foot long runway that I could strut my stuff to but I don't think anyone would get the true message that I am really trying to convey. It's like when you are in class and the lesson goes through one ear and out the other. I'm never knocking any guys likes for sports, but do you have to push it down my throat ? Then I ask myself why is he asking my twinkle toes being to join this type of activity. Sometimes you have to know peoples likes and dislikes, also most of all respect the choices they make. Vogue did a great job of compressing both sports and fashion together, with model Karlie Kloss. I thought of it as a way to speak my message through this photograph. But I don't know how I could truly express myself enough to say if fashion was like this maybe you might see my run like no tomorrow just " Maybe".

Stop, Pause

I'm no street stlye blogger but...

No, I'm not a street style blogger but while Meia and I were running around downtown on Cary Street visiting stores, and boutiques for our shoot that is coming ahead of us. I knew right there we might just see some stylish people walking arond, and my fashion radar was beyound correct. I've seen more a bit more people walking around but since we were in such a hurry to finish our task of shopping. Like I tweeted ! who knew you could buy things off a $20 dollar budget.

Yesterday was productive , gotten my exsercise for the day, and found some things we could use for another shoot we are booked to do.

Lesson: To start a team or business there is always something that you have to  invest in. Takes money to a brige.


Instagram photo of the week

Lately , As I've told you before I'm going to be making a beanie veil inspired hat by the Jill Sander collection  that Raf Simons designed before heading to Dior. Just last night I've been playing around with my Russian veil I purchased from Mood Fabrics online. Something about a veil is so classical, chic, and everything I've imagined it to be. As aspiring designer I'm always thinking of new concepts that will prepare me for something new , and something new would be to make the Beanie hat instead of your traditional hat . Thrilled to do this tribute/project. It's not the money that make you it's what you can come up with to develop style, as well a great personality.


Also I've been wanting to add color to my closets so what is better then adding pastels? trendy , and cool.

Purchased from American Eagle !


Pop Art color and print 80's and 70's


Marc Jacobs Resort wear for 2013 is everything ! delivering you fresh new trends but giving full on inspiration from the 80's and 70's. Mixing both with a pop art aggression. I always notice that we are always diving back into the 50's , 60's , and 70's because of the time periods there were more  for being creative and making a mark for fashion world and self expression in those simple but yet extravagant days.  Fashion is a cycle and it repeats it's self miraculously. I'm loving what Marc has done this season , so get inspired and head out into the world doing something like no other.


Darius B

Stolen Girlfriend

Marc Moore, design director of Stolen Girlfriends Club, had wanted to present 'Untitled' in a location that took fashion out of its usual context. 

"We thought about presenting our new collection in a total random and public place, we wanted it to be like a 'fashion flash-mob. It's always a challenge to keep people on their toes in anticipation but I think that today's show really did surprise". 

It was a grocery trip to New World Victoria Park 3 years ago that triggered the idea and presented Stolen Girlfriends Club the setting for their pop-up fashion show. 

"We noticed how the supermarket aisles served as a natural catwalk, so we got thinking about how we could turn this idea into reality. We had wanted to do a collaborative project with Red Bull for a while and this seemed like the perfect fit," said Moore. 

Red Bull has worked alongside Stolen Girlfriends Club since it's creation in 2005 and Grace Boyle Red Bull Culture Manager has always appreciated their unique creativity. 

"Red Bull and Stolen Girlfriends Club share the same passion and vision for doing things in a non conformist way. We have a reputation for giving 'wings' to people and ideas and this was the perfect opportunity."


I can't believe I'm late on seeing this because it's ironically genius ! Now I'm wishing that I was at the show. When I seen this I wanted to share with you all right away !!! 

Gladiator Lace up

As you all should know that how much I've been wanting and pleading how bad I need them in my life , and finally had the chance to buy them thanks to my parents !!!! :) . As I've been seeing it as a trend for menswear for Givenchy that put die hard into every shoe that's made. I knew I needed them on my feet. Now all I need is lotion, and a manni patty and I'm set. lol

Aldo to me is like a guilty pleasure, but I don't care shoes are shoes, and these I love.

They only cost $100.00 , and I'd take that price point any day. ;)

Summer is ready to start people , and I'm set.

What do you think?


The last Jill Sander

After the announcement of the last collection from Raf Simons for Jill Sander I couldn't help to think about those wonderful beanies with the bird cage netting veil. Then I thought why not join the group who are already making a statement with them, but they cost more money than I could afford. So I believe this will be a great D.I.Y project. Here I go sounding like my friend " D.I.Y this , and that." I'm already on it this will be my total tribute to Raf Simons for producing wonderful collections. Agree?


Welcome to the Galaxy

Many Designers has been inspired by the unknown world called the Galaxy filled with nebula, stars, and all that important stuff that fill the havens with so much mystery , but a affect that drives us creatively. I've been thinking why not have space come to me instead of hopping in a space ship just to blast off to it. Even though that would be cool, I don't think I'd have the guts to do it. Anyway. I think this is a cool idea , and I might just do it myself. ENJOY

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