Summer,Summer boy

it's only late  May and June is rapidly approaching, and I'm excited for the out break of  school, and the summer clothing. Let's just say that I am not ready for the hot heat , but HEY ! I can hang. Today I was feeling tribal , but yet grunge with my new necklace piece I purchased from Rumors Boutique over the week end. Making the beads a special touch to complement my look, and highlight everything from my shirt, bag, and shoes.

Wearing: Shredded shirt, plaid shirt, classical patch work pants, boots, vintage bag, vintage necklace, as bracelet " Beaded layered Necklace " 



Loosely inspired

Today was new, fun, and loosely inspired.

Form time to time you will not see me at a party, or going out lately but today was the perfect day to head out with my friend Mia Burke for the so called fashion girl and guy day out. We've been planning to head to a fabric store, and do some thrifting  at some boutiques, and we couldn't because of our scheduals but since it's a total Sunday some businesses are regulated to be closed. The fabric store was marked of the list so we decided to head to Rumors Boutique which wasn't too far downtown from where we were coming from.  when we arrived to the store on the spot we found out we had only five minutes to shop, and within my five minutes I dashed into the winds grading necklaces, sunglasses , and adjustable rings. all things my closet have been craving to have for the longest of time. After we went to Starbucks to fill my cup with chocolate frappuccino, I acknowledged that I left my phone right at  the store, and traveled  back into my mind. when I placed my phone on the table. On the inside/out I panicked. We went to the store to see if they were still there , and not a soul was to be found. I had to contact the owners of the store that I know personally. I now have to pick my phone up at the store tomorrow afternoon.

Lesson: Always keep your phone safe inside your bag, or pockets. Never place it down anywhere that you will forget it. 

Other then that ! I'm happy to have went out, and my closet is especially my closet. I've been talking and making a need list of what was needed.


Destroyed Couture

What are you wearing?


I hope everyone's week went smoothly , but here is the time you have been waiting for! hope you enjoy my Destroyed Couture ! xo



destroy and cut Total D.I.Y moment

I've always never loved a plain old T-Shirt , instead I've always wanted something fun, but pure insanity , but  totally sane. So within 4 days I have been destroying my t-shirt from the time I woke up until the time I'm ready to head to bed. What have I created? my own couture ;). Also I've been needing a bright color in my closet so what better of a color than red?

Daria Werbowy in Vogue Japan

Totes amaze, A magazine cover I'd live to have because if I died then I wouldn't be able to grace through the pages.


Get too it!!

When the go in gets ruff I've learned repeatedly that you can't give in. The reason for saying  that because I've been wanting to make something of my own, that I call my creation that anyone could wear

But, The problem was that I didn't know much about pattern making, I've always wanted to learn from someone else, and I had everything available at hand from assistance, but from the looks of  it having an assistance to help me learn the concept wasn't any help for me. One day I put together my Dress Form that has been collecting dust , turn on YouTube, and voila ! I made a top! I didn't have any new fabrics to use so I just used what I had left from when I created a pair of jeans , and shirt.Then I realized the vision looking back at what I've done. Something took me back into the Rock n' roll days. 

Resort Ready

Pulled out my Vintage Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, and you can say I was resort ready. I feel that this shirt can be pass down in time , and or kept for keeps sake. Sometimes I love timeless things because its much appreciated, instead of this is a new season so lets throw it away.

Outfit of the day

Right By my Side - Nicki Minja

I love this Music Video from Nicki Minaj Featuring Chris Brown, and the grand prize was to have Nas as the actor. Lets not forget that Nicki was styled in the most top notch way. ENJOY !!



CHANEL Cruise 2012/13 Fashion Show "Trailer"

chanel cruise

Wonderful news !! Andre Leon Talley on Bravo

Did I lose my mind running to tell the news? Is this real or is the surreal? You can call me a fan boy of one of my most inspirational people in the fashion industry Andre Leon Talley.. Great news ahead of us. He and Nymag.com  has announced that Bravo TV will be hosting a show featuring him called Fashion Stories of NYC during the fall.   I've missed seeing him on television. As sources say that this show will be about emerging designers , and him mentoring them, and  help have a spot   to sell the the big city of NYC. I'm excited to hear such great news! Will you be watching? I now I must not miss one episode.


Suzy O'Rurke x I LOVE IT


The ultimate reason of why I love it....

Life in Avant Garde

All week I've been talking it up that I was walking in my School's fashion show on twitter. The show was so festive and full of imagination and tons of hard work was put into it. I chose the title Life in Avant Garde because most of the time I'm pretty drawn towards styles, and fashion that are quite unique. Not every day you get the excitement to see that person walk down the street. As of may 9th . 2012 I was in my element to surprise, and bring out more of my "ego". The first scene that opened the show was the military scene and the thought came to me saying why not wear a net? Let me catch some more attention that will get them talking. I might have them talking for centuries. The experience was wonderful , heart exhilarating ,  and what made it better was to have my parents , and friend to come out to support me. other then that Now with this net I now own. I know this isn't a everyday thing to wear but somehow I have the temptation to want to wear it again somehow, some way. You never know what to expect from me , and I surprise myself often.

I'll think of something #shhh


Chanel Iman x Tom Ford

Omg, I know I'm late but you can never be fashionably late. You see what I just did there. Anyway While every blogger, fashion citric, and your mother was going crazy over Chanel Iman, so did I. I thought having her in this dress at the Met Gala event was the most perfect choice anyone could make.

Want more pictures of my favorite looks?


If you haven't heard the news...


If you haven't heard the news  that Anna Dello Russo will be having a collab with H&M. Totes major !!

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