I'm obessed with P'trique ! and now obessed with Nasty Gal.

Of course the clothing are for women but I can't to deny the temptation of wanting these oversized cheetah print sunglasses are everything.

Doc Martens window shopping....

MIE 1461

Shoes that makes me lust over , and drop my jaws. I was suffering the markets like I do every other night when I'm in a case of insomnia. I received an news letter from Doc Martens telling me about their new products that came in. Boy I'm happy to know that I signed up, these beauties are one that you are willing to take home to mama and say I just got married. Well to the shoes.

Seeing the pink ones was so interesting but than I seen the pewter colored ones and I died on the inside. but luckily not that much. If I were dead how could I admire these babies. The pink Doc Martens go for the retail price of  $180.00 as for the pinks $110.00. #affordable

Apart of the Mie collection Pink- http://www.dmusastore.com/p-3627-mie-1461.aspx
Apart of the Classical collection pewter- http://www.dmusastore.com/p-2718-1461.aspx

Golden Ambition "Obessed"

Spring is already here and the fall/winter is gone until next time. but for the metallic trend why wait  next fall to wear something "on trend" instead I wanted it now and just a simple stitch away. On my sewing machine of course, I got it. every since I made it I couldn't help but want to wear it with almost anything. Hello, I was am obsessed with my creation. took me two days to finish it and now I can sas-shay away turning heads and widen eyes of the people I pass by. It's unnormal , crazy , and misunderstood. I say it's brillant if that was my imput on it as the third person speaking.

The feeling is that when you make something or even do the unthinkable you're bound to be most proud of it.

12+ photos ahead after the jump.


The time has come...

My two models  Caroline Oladipo , and Elisia Hamm both posed fiercely in my two looks I style a few days ago. I'm happy to start my journey as a stylist, and have hopes of seeing my looks in magazines across the world. Although I have very many aspirations for my future I want to pursue in the fashion world, it's great to start one of them.

My affirmations are that the story will unfold into a beautiful hard working "fairy tale."


The Styling experience, and thank you

Thanking everyone the photographer, studio owner, and Bree who's also a stylist for having aborad for this shoot. Also Thanks for letting me have the key chain. I love it.

When the images come I will surely post them and tell you more about the shoot.

Styling, majority, and the unexpected

Today would mark the embodiment of me starting to style for a shoot , and how major was that to see everything fall all together. I call it the unexpected because within a tweet a way I was asked to contribute by a stylist named Bree Herby. I remember tweeting " I want to be a stylist, contributor, and etc." but never would I thought that  could come to life. Being though I'm 17 years of age I believed that it would of taken forever until I really get my hands of something worth wild. You wouldn't believe the amount of times I pushed  mot trusting myself asking " does this look ok." or" how does this look." Bree Replied and said " This is your shoot." basically focusing me to go for my guts. The photographer Brandon Woods did an amazing good snapping photos with models  Caroline Oladipo , and a new model which I styled 1 look each of pre person. The moment the poses went on and I seen the photos I couldn't believe that was my creation.

click for more photos after the jump


expressively mixed

I've expressed that I wanted to mix prints but in my own take way. I decided to experiment with what I have and pull out the scarf I brought when I attend a french festival, and did a little shopping which was also down town. I thought to myself what if I could make this into a "shirt" or something bannas. I just love being expressive and when it comes to doing so I have tons of fun.

In the morning just run to the closets with inspiration and say "speak to me." lol

Live , love , and enjoy

In life those are the moment important because that is all we can live to do.


Fashion Breakout x Instagram

Finally the time has come that instagram is now assessable to all Android users which was announced internationally. I've always loved it due to you could share moments within your life with all the wonderful effects they have for you. Now that I have instagram I share pieces of my inspiration, life, and special events that means the world to me.

xoxo Join the Fashion Breakout experience with me:


collar, shredded shirt by me, light weight cardigan, vest by me, a.e under tank top, a.e pants, rounds, and Alex Flozi case. "Never stop playing dress up."

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