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I am happy to present a new coming magazine and it goes my the name of FashizBlack Magazine. I found out about this magazine just last night and couldn't wait to post about it. The magazine was originally posted online . Now since the launching of new beginnings it will be in both languages French and English and through the fight of being noticed this magazine will show shine a new light in the fashion industry. Showing street style, designers , and so much more. I am happy that we can have a black magazine but reflects the life of High fashion. Even though it says Fashion is black , this doesn't means it relates to on ethical group, anyone who's anyone could enjoy it.

Check out their site if you like it I suggest you pre-order it.



Little Black Jacket 'Chanel'

Karl Lagerfeld produced an intriguing shoot in collaboration with Carine Roitfeld featuring iconic fashion icons including Anna Wintour, Alexa Chung, Kanye West, Alexander Wang, Mila Kunis, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

you should see all of the images, You will love them all.





And I might just end up walking through the garden. Hint Hint.

What are you inspired by?


Anna Wintour vs. P'Trique Stare Off!

Omg, The more I view the platform channel on Youtube the more I love him. Super funny ENJOY XX

initial wanting

Soludos Navy White Men's Espadrille
My initial wanting right now are a new pair of espadrilles from Soludos. I love the company because  they supply shoes for both men and women. there Super comfortable, and  stylish to wear. The shoe is so special if you happen to get caught in a little drizzle the sole of the shoe wouldn't even get wet because of the rubber. the best part is that the shoe is super affordable and cost $28.00 - $36.00. You gotta love them!!


Sorapol Chawaphatnakul " Sorapol AW12" Iron Grip

Sorapol Chawaphatnakul collection from both Spring/Summer 12 , and the collection that just launched for Autumn/Winter 12 earlier during the week has blown me away. Sorapol is a designer who gives me life even after London Fashion Week, and I'm delighted to know of him. As seen he knows how to be imaginative, and theatrical and I feel that is most important when it comes to him designing every season. I also noticed that Russian war, and  culture played a great role for Autumn / winter 12 with a twist.

I see myself wearing the fox tails. and pearled military hat that I ad very much and would be the up most ultimate piece I've seen. I'm calling it a Fan favorite!

Sorapol 'Iron Grip' from Kloss London on Vimeo.

What I wore earlier during the week.


Since spring is here why not pull out my sellers hat that I brought last year and I remember wearing it with almost every outfit known to men. Then just be a little grungy with my antique pants I made. Can we say I'm loving the double denim ? with a little bit of 90's grunge?


'A Man's Story' Preview - Ozwald Boateng documentary film

I remember finding out about Ozwald Boateng just last year and I'm learning more and more about him every time. He's challenged the limitations of menswear fashion and focusing on Davine tailoring for his collections. I feel that he's making history and the world deserves to know who this wonderful designer is as a person, business man, and Fashion Designer.

Newly found loves


Cynthia Rowley

These two designers blown my mind and I would love to see more from them or even attend a few shows if that was every possible in the near future !

xoxo Great collections.


Richmond Fashion Week.

 We have London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion week, and New York Fashion Week which I can't attend momentarily until my time comes. Now we had Richmond Fashion Week for 4 years now and from where it just 3 years ago it has moved up a bar every year . I love RVA Fashion week because it allows all the fashion heads who's been in the dark shine out through the light, and fashion week here is a major deal to me because I meet some great friends along the way. Last year I didn't get to attend but boy I hoped I did due to  having to attend work for orientation. This year I'm JOB free and I want to enjoy what designers, boutiques, and models display this year in April. We only have one more month until Fashion Week for Richmond begins and boy we are in for something big.

I also am excited to see my friends which I only get to see when fashion week comes around.

KidSuper interview

"He's wearing his hat that will be launching soon enough."

KidSuper is a urban brand owned by a 20 year kid named Colm Dillane that wants to make a move within urban society. I loved his hats and his additude towards his brand KidSuper that I just had to interview him.

Click "read more" for the interview.

Sergio and James explains it all

Sergio Wonder and James Field explains it all about their strong growing brand Sergio James. It's been a few months now and I see that they are totally making progress. From them being featured on BET Rip The Runway that will be showing this month on March 21st, and on it's way to launching a new bracelet line that gives me chills looking at it. Although I'm still obsessing over the necklace from there Spring/Summer collection. I  connected with this video right from the start, I mean just like James said he doesn't see himself doing anything else but fashion. I feel the same way as well.

The Sergio James video is great because it's giving us more of an insight on how they work as business man, their looks on style prospective, as well having a strong friendship


Louis Vuitton Train ready to aboard.

Yet another astonishing show from Marc Jacobs, and the train entrance was breath-taking. I think that I swallowed a fly because my jaw dropped. Not only was the show impressive the clothing were also, Just the thought of looking at 1920's jackets said it all that polished the runway in revamping styles.

15 years at Louis Vuitton Marc is always growing and pushing down every season with pure imagination. Sometimes we question how does this man do it? He's at Louis Vuitton one season, and next back to his fashion house Marc Jacobs for the next show. I'm trying to grasp hold of how he does it!!

Favorite items that had me lusting for Louis Vuitton:

" I'll have every bag that walked the runway especially these beautiful gems. I loved the sunglasses because they are one of my favorite type of sunglasses of all time. These items deserved every right to have a second chance to grace the runway once more. The pleasure would be all mines to have the items second chance on me. I'd catwalk with them everywhere I go like I do with any other item I have on... besides the point I  want need them."

Great collection. I was only there in the spirit .

Here's the full Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2012 show :


KONY 2012

Think about world probelms because there are people out there that need you !

Help stop Joseph Kony from abducting children of Africa agianst thier wills.

Visit: http://kony2012.com
Donate to Invisible Children: https://stayclassy.org/checkout/set-donation?eid=14711
For info on Invisible Children: http://invisiblechildren.com


Kenya West Fall Winter 2012


What we all have been waiting for and what I have been waiting to see, The Kenya West Fall/Winter collection for 2012. As I tweeted I've been wanting to see anticpating his collection and thank heavens I have and I long for this collection. Last season had the crowd just a little, and this season have the crowd going nuts towards the edgeds of their seats.

I only wish that I could experince the moment...

Giving my standing ovation for a collection that say bad-ass.

Enjoy xx

Finale walk....

Alexander MQueen? McQ! Fall Winter 2012

McQ Fall 2012 Ready-to-WearMcQ Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
McQ Fall 2012 Ready-to-WearMcQ Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
McQ Fall 2012 Ready-to-WearMcQ Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
McQ Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear McQ Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Alexander McQueen or Should I say McQ totally raised peoples " my " Eyebrows with this collection. Mixing elements of hard and soft starting the show off with the impression of military inspired pieces then soften it up with lace , and  embroidery.

I loved seeing the theatrical sense of the show that we've missed since the true roots of Alexander McQueen. I was repealed, floored, shocked, and moved with so much energy.

I felt like I could jump off the walls with this collection.

I believe that is when you can tell this was an astounding season for Sarah Burton and I long to see more of this! Well done.

Here's the show.. Bare with me:

Cray Cray, Funky, and chic.. I think I lived

Meadham Kirchhoff reminded me of a Marc Jacobs show, and Prada mixed in one. But I loved the furs, and the funkyness within the clothing.

very 70's era.

Christian Dior Fall Winter 2012

Great show, loved the ballet inspired garments !! J'abore!

Shirtless collar, and Metallic's

I've been seeing the shirt less collar going around within the fashion settings when designers use this in there collections to make new  statements, and I adore it. Since I'm conjuring up a new shirt for Winter/Fall , and doing a rub off design of a from a old shirt I never have worn. I wanted to take full advantage of the shirt-less collar trend. I felt so intivative when I was wearing my collar. It's like trying on your first designer, Which I haven't yet... but the feeling is mutual.

Now while I'm still blogging about trends, I've noticed that collections for FW12 are all about
I fell in love with this and especially when I seen the John Galliano collection.
I guess you will be seeing something metallic in my wardrobe next season or should I say before this is over. I think it would be the feeling of saying been there, done that.. on to the next one.
I'm in the process of designing me something and I'm excited to finish it.


Robotic Dream

LaQuan Smith Fall 2012 Collection is the most initiative collection I have seen, I think it's fresh, different, and on key. I love that LaQuan Smith has an idea and is driven by them to create a new look for every season. I seen this video about 2X and I'm still loving the collection.
If you haven't watched his work then I believe you should follow up.
I hope you enjoy.

P.S I'd so wear the jackets !!

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