OH and she stole the show ! Who? Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Betsey Johnson fashion show was amazing.. talk about being over; OVER THE TOP ! and if you asked my friends that's what they say about me which isn't nothing wrong with that.

Anyways, Betsey is the women who is fearless and during this show she's give the crowd total quirkiness with a collection that is yelling 70's Esq. she made sure that everyone gotten her vision of where she was heading. I was more pleased with the details on this sweater cardigan and what I would do just to have it. I so long for it !!

I give Betsey a hands up for giving us yet another fun collection !!

come on did you see the finale walk-through?


P.S her daughter did a great job closing the show !!

Model : Tina Johnshon

My gosh ! if I haven't seen anything more beautiful than this photograph , I'd be telling you the pure honest truth. The styling of the shoot was pure genius! Totally giving you classical beauty ! Tina Johnson is a great model and works hard at what she does , and I believe she's making progress. Her character as in personality can charm anyone she meets. I even experienced it chatting with her over Skype !!

I'm not sure of what magazine this is but all I know is that I'm fixated with it


Traveling pants

Wearing: Bleached / pacted denim pants made entirely by me, Creeepers, Aldo Bag, Fox Tail

Hello everyone,

I hope that everything is fashion forward!

Well with my I have been doing tons of things and that included moving to a new home, and school. What a big transition. You know how when you move from the place you thought you were going to be for a life time ? Then the next thing something whelming has happened that made you HAVE to  move. Then there's a thought of being unsure. Well that was all me for a second! Starting a new school was a big drag (not that I liked my old school)  for me because although I can be confident and not care to think what the next one says about me it was irking me and I was full of curiosity.

So far I've been in (MBK high ) for almost 2-3 weeks and I really am happy about the outcome, I thought what was the point in being fearful. After the move I still took what is most meaningful to me is to be myself : Flawless, Ambitious, Daring, kind, and everything that comes with me being Darius.

I am also in love with the diversity which students would of had a problem with at my old school. For most students...

I guess you can say I am Finally free !!! AT LAST


Hedi Slimane taking over YSL?

A designer from the past has been brought up to the surface as rumors have stated that he will be signed as Creative director for YSL. He's not only a designer from the past he's very aware with the classical fashion house. Hedi Slimane worked under menswear for the house during the late 1990's and have somehow left the Fashion House YSL. While being away I discovered that he was based in LA where he pursued a career in photography and has worked with models of today's time , and have had his shots featured in a magazine. When hearing this news I wondered who is this designer and what's happening like many that isn't accommodated with him.

Reading on Google:

"The contract has been signed by both sides," one fashion insider said. "He is becoming the new director at Yves Saint Laurent."
Other sources said the appointment was to be officially announced in the coming week. Paris Fashion Week runs from February 28 to March 7.

A spokesman for the PPR group, which owns YSL, declined to comment."
Slimane will replace the Italian designer Stefano Pilati, sources said.
Considered by his peers as one of the most gifted designers of his generation, Slimane stepped down from his post at Dior saying he wanted a chance to design for women."

Now he hasn't designed a full collection but for Dior Homme gave a little chance to give him some wings.

I wonder what does this mean, Will Stefano Pilati be signed to a new fashion house?

He's been away from the fashion house so can he deliver?

I'm not sure but things will fall together at least.

What are your feelings about Hedi Slimane taking over?


Michael Kors Fall Winter 12: Backstage moments

Parties — Michael Kors Fall 2012
Parties — Michael Kors Fall 2012
Parties — Michael Kors Fall 2012
Parties — Michael Kors Fall 2012

Parties — Michael Kors Fall 2012

I just wanted to take the time and reflect more on the Micheal Kors Show for a minute during New York Fashion Week ( NYFW). As I posted a finale walk through via Fashion blogger :Bryan Boy I wanted to go deeper into the love that I have for this collection. Micheal Kors Fall Winter 12 collection I could mostly see going into a famous vintage store soon enough after a few years  form now. As he has said before he looks for timeless pieces and this collection reflected it all. Bringing back some of the pieces of the past creating the since of Luxury that he holds but with more of an authentic sensibility. I can clearly feel the spirit of the Roaring 20's streaming as models grace the cat walk but without being to literal. I know we clear addressed that he's a man that knows what women need in there closets and what makes them feel truly empowered by his clothing. I applauded this collection with a standing ovation and I am not afraid to say he's inspirational as a person and designer.

Photos via : Vogue.com


"If you haven't seen the show....

here you go !"

Fendi Ready To Wear Fall Winter 12

You know that European fashion label? Fendi? with two astonishing creative directors? what's their names?

Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi ! Well if you don't (YOU SHOULD )

I can what a great show is when I see one and these three coats had to be the most impressive coats I've seen so far from Fendi. Fur must be the flock of the Season because it EVERYWHERE!

I was mostly impressed with the look of the color choice's that give the jackets it most appeal when using the color to reflect prints.

If I had the money I'd go to the atelier and say I need it in custom made to measure. ;)

Malin fashion week have just begun !

Models giving (LIFE)- Blumarine Winter Fall 12

Watching this Preview of the show which video hasn't been launched yet towards the surfaces where we can really see the action. Probably you've already gotten a gulps of what the models were doing , and how the show started. Opening with Vika Falileeva, Followed by  Anais Mali, and then  Anais Pouliot. Must I tell you why these models are most important in this case because of the bright colors they just brought life to the runway.  I love this designer because more black models are on the runway and not only that the always bring there A-game when it's time to hit the cat walk.

Fav looks:


Brooklyn Circus Winter/Fall 12 Backstage/preview

Brooklyn Circus Fashion Show Finale Fall Winter 12

Brooklyn Circus presented their heritage brand at Brooklyn Museum During fashion week. I love a collection that shows history but gives you an urban edge. Unlike most fashion houses they don't have the true feeling of what the American heritage roots are unlike this brand Brooklyn Circus. Not only did the clothing represent it's true meaning but the make-up gave you the true sense and feelings that brought out play with the pieces that walked the runway. Speaking of the make-up it was done by  Rashida Bishop which did a tremendous job being this collection to its feet.




IMarc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Final Walkthrough

The Marc By Marc Jacobs show was very interesting, different, reinventing, forward, and so on. I only can say I was there in the spirit but I watched live as the models both Male and Female walked perfectly to the sound tracks that were being played in the clothing that had its own beat too it.


Nigh Collection

inh Nguyen is the creative director of his fashion label Nigh Collection launching clothing for Menswear. 
NINH NGUYEN was born and raised in Paris, France, and currently works from his studio in New York City. He is a two-time scholar of the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund and has won Best Menswear for the Arts of Fashion Competition. He graduated from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology and debuted his first collection during NYFW in February of 2011. He is the men’s fashion blogger for Another Men’s Blog and the designer behind the bow-tie line Mad Handsome.

Later on he's been Featured in Magazines and other fashion / news related blogs.

His latest shown in NY presented a collection of strong quality, and workmanship. Talented designer, Cat Varga, collaborated with NINH on a line of jewelry specially made for NINH Fall 2012 Collection

I thought the collection was well made, and translated to the audience his vision he's improvising within making it as a designer. He will be launching his SS12 collection pretty soon and I'm exicted to see what he has to offer.

She Said She Was Wearing Jason Wu. It Was Jason Wu For Target.

I couldn't see around what every was on Nicki Minaj's head ... LOVE


Behind The Lens - From Concept to Color

Bloggers gotten together with brahmin.com to design a dream bag and you wouldn't believe how wonderful they look.

Shop the collection here


Vanishing Elephant Spring/Summer Collection Preview

When I first heard of Vanishing Elephant you wouldn't believe me if I said it was  last night and within that night I have fallen in love with what they do as an Australian brand. Looking for more information about this wonderful brand I found out that Vanishing Elephant was started by three designers named: Felix Chan, Huw Bennett, and Arran Russell. The company that supplies clothing for the simple everyday person
that wants quality, and knows how to style themselves. Vanishing Elephant collection was released in February 2009, shipping to Australia, New Zealand and the USA, with their second range instantly gaining further fans as well as stockists in Asia, Canada and the UK.
ve x stussy landscape 3

I couldn't help it when I seen the preview and these AH-MAZING shoes it has gotten my attention seriously. I love the look of them and also the sexy red bottoms! The company is turning heads and have been getting tons of attention from the press.

P.S how could I get my hands on them. ;)

You can see more (here)

Marc Jacobs Menswear Winter/Fall 2012

                                   Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Menswear

I must tell you when I viewed the Marc Jacobs 2012 collection for Winter/Fall I couldn't help but to say OBSESSED. This Season for Marc Jacobs I felt a new vibe for being a skater then, I started thinking about the Marc By Marc Jacobs collection when looking through the photos on Style. com .

Now, Remember me talking about the last Fox Fur hat , now this would be the newest hat to be more obsessed over. Sighs *Forever Alone* but really this is great to keep me warm in the most coldest mornings on my way to school.

When the money rolls in I'm totally buying ( A few years from now)

Spotted Stevie boy

I was on LookSpotter.com and I what so happens I seen these two gentlemen and noticed it was Eye wear Designer Stevie Boy and his friend. They look both look flawlessly forward Agree?

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