Karl Lagerfeld collection relased : Printed faux leather collar

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Today on Net-A-Porter the Karl Lagerfeld collection just release and I tell you if I had the money I'd buy every piece of it especially this Faux Leather Collar.

The price of this lather collar is $120.00 (Click Here)

CHANEL Haute Couture Spring 2012 Fashion Show

Lanvin Menswear Fall Winter 2012 Preview

I am a big fan of Lanvin because of the dares and adventures the band takes me on.

Atelier Versace Spring Summer 2012 Haute Couture Preview

Donatella has taken us back to the couture day with Versace and I am in love with it. I haven't been here when Ginni Versace was taken by the fashion world by storm but I do know that it's been a while seeing a Couture show.

The show hasn't fully launched but when it does I will be posting.

Alexandre Vauthier | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2012

I love this show and I appreciate couture and how much work is put into by hand, and this work from Alexandre Vauthier was rather amazing and filled with so much drama from the music into the garments on the runway. 
Here's the full show.

Velvet Creation

Life wonders and sometime I ponder about what's next and what is my next creation. I will tell you that I just grabbed my cutting tools , and this beautiful material then I went to work.

Yes, I'm saying I created a shirt from velvet.
    When it comes to dressing it's an art form and a way of taking risk, Then when it comes to my creations I see it as a step into what I want to see in my fashion label. "I am my brand."

                                                     (For more  photos)


Destressed and Destoryed

Today was mostly about texture and being laid back while still representing a forward look that says edgy. I wanted knits to be involved  and added the Faux Fur cape to brighten up my look. All together I declear that I've made a statement.

Enjoy xx
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Prada Menswear Winter/Fall 2012

Prada Fall 2012 MenswearPrada Fall 2012 MenswearPrada Fall 2012 MenswearPrada Fall 2012 MenswearPrada Fall 2012 MenswearPrada Fall 2012 MenswearPrada Fall 2012 MenswearPrada Fall 2012 Menswear

Miucca's PRADA Menswear Winter/Fall 2012 show during Milan Fashion week was quite the show giving us the impression of somewhat of a grand place. The show was named as  "Il Palazzo. A Palace of Role Play" which protrude as a show for men power and it's not your normal Prada show to me it felt more masculine than your normal show and that is not a bad thing in fact I kind of liked the different styles that walked the grand red carpet. Prada's show Featured different textiles of patterns with flowers, stripes, polka dots on jackets, pants, and shirts. I also felt like I walked into a red carpet event because there was no doubt that Miuccia doesn't know true star power with actors including Gary Oldman, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, and Jamie Bell.

Before I move on , Note that this was like watching a Sherlock combs movie.
Prada Fall 2012 MenswearPrada Fall 2012 Menswear
The Round Sunglasses are AH-MAZE ! Gives me a taste of Vintage, and mixture of Steam punk and if I could buy them I'd so totally see myself wearing them. I guess this is another item to be totally obsessed about even from 4-5 seasons from now or maybe more, Be prepared for a blog overload of these glasses. I'm just saying That sh*t cray. These are yet another pair of Steam punk Round sunglasses I've been looking for my entire life can you say OBESSED?

                  Prada Fall 2012 Menswear

Then when I mentioned the flower power I mean't the Flower on these shoes I love them. I'd have them in a size 12 well i'd perfer a 13 just to be safe.  

Here's the Finale to PRADA'S 2012 WINTER/FALL SHOW.


BTW,  I couldn't help but notice Garrett Hedlund was very hyper during the show and finale walk...

Desired Bags : Jason Wu x Targets

Ok, Now that everyone is aware of the Jason Wu collaboration with Targets for Spring/Summer I must tell you that I'm have a little fetish with the Hand Bags that are being Featured within the collection. Since the announcement of this collaboration I have taken the intuitive to find out if the collection will be available  near in one of my local targets store and good news IT IS! For me that is a win situation and I'm excited to know that another of my favorite fashion designers are have a collection done to supply the low markets. I want the Flower shoulder bag, and a simple clutch that I have been wanting for centuries.


Vogue Magazine for Taylor Swift



I am amazed by this shoot that Vogue has Done with Taylor Swift for the February issue 2012. I have been meaning to post about new covers for 2012 and this is the best one by far. Taylor Swift has grown from her previous years as a singer and looks flawless with the bangs that Stylist of Vogue have suggested for the shoot and I love it.

Gucci Menswear Fall Winter 2012 Fashion Show


Lady Gaga's Karl Lagerfeld Dress for the "Gaga's Workshop" at Barneys NY

A special dress was designed that was given to Lady Gaga by Karl Lagerfeld for her event at Barney's NY x "Gaga's Workshop". I know that I'm late on this but I couldn't help but to get excited about it and give the news to those who didn't know like myself. The dress it's self looks very Gaga which is another word for dramatic and very avant garde in the most classical silhouette.

Jason Wu for Target

Breaking News everyone !!!  There is another collaboration going on for targets unlike the last on they presented us with fashion label  Missoni with the brands signature prints for S/S I didn't really get anything from that collaboration. Now a new collaboration is born with Fashion Designer Jason Wu, I repeat Jason Wu,  you can clearly hear the atheism in my voice. I fixated with what he has done for the collaboration by giving us quality without repeats from his latest collections. He said himself that he wanted to give clothing that he likes and sir you have served us justice. In a sense you can still tell that it's the designers style of clothing without second guessing it. I'm not rich and this collaboration is great because there's nothing in this collaboration that's over 60 dollars. ( HELLO BABY!) that's right in my alley and I'm mostly  overwhelmed  about the accessories. The collaboration will be starting on Feb 5th- Feb 6th and I hope that it will be in my home store " Keeping Fingers crossed"

Pre-fall Celine 2012

Celine Pre-Fall 2012Celine Pre-Fall 2012Celine Pre-Fall 2012Celine Pre-Fall 2012Celine Pre-Fall 2012Celine Pre-Fall 2012
Celine Pre-Fall 2012Celine Pre-Fall 2012

Phoebe Philo has done a great job with Celine's Pre-fall collection. I noticed that for spring/summer Philo couldn't help but to keep the inspiration going for Pre-fall 12 with the her big obsession for oversized silhouettes which I adore and sure enough can't get enough of.  The clothing are amazing and the way she paired it with different textures of silk , wool, and furs was a good move. The eye can't ignore the color-blocking that was a trend for Spring/Summer last season and now for fall it's all about mastering of color-blocking. Phoebe Philo gives us a reinvented look that we have been looking for while we have been running around trying to figure out how could I style this a certain way. Pre-Fall is like looking into the future fashion globe of "what's next" and I fixated with everything for Celine. I didn't even forget to mention the wonderful bags that I am totally in love with, The signature bag for Celine would be the luggage  totes which are to die, and the reinvented tote I'd like is the one with the beautiful fox fur.


IMPORTANT :HUGO Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2012

HUGO Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2012

If you must know that Hugo's Fashion Fall/Winter show is right around the coner with Milan Fashion out of the way Berlin is next.

The Show will be live steamed , Hugo Boss blog -(click HERE and bookmark the link) on January 19, 2012 at 1:30PM Berlin Time (7:30AM USA Eastern Time)


I have been waiting forever for this to arrive at my door step or just surprisingly be picked up by one of my parents. I had ordered it as a christmas present. I was mismerized by the color and the fur although it isn't real fur. The Faux fur feels very smooth and I could just run my hands through it for a long time. I am a great fan of esty because you never now what you could find and most of the designers now what they are doing.  I'm thrilled to wear it with one of my outfits , lord knows what it could be. ;)

Shit Fashion girls say..

I apologize about this but I couldn't help myself after seeing Shit White girls say to Black girls, Now for Shit fashion girls say is totally amusing. You could call me OBSESSED! but really what am I not Obsessed over. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT :) I seen myself in this video when my asking about my outfit and talking about the latest thing I've seen that grabbed my attention.


Roberto Cavalli Menswear Fall Winter 2012

When I say that me and Roberto Cavalli has a one on one type of relationship WE DO, I feel that we see eye to eye and knows what to pull out of a hat as a magic trick. Honestly, Roberto Cavalli Menswear collection was great I like the ponchos and I've wanted one since then I started taking interest in them.

Anyways The color pallets for winter/fall 12 during the Roberto Cavalli couldn't be more settle with a pop pink, and yellow with a side of nice natural earth tone colors such as brown.

Well done don't you think?

Menswear Dolce & Gabbana winter/fall 12 show

Watch the Menswear Dolce & Gabbana winter/fall 12 show

BTW, The clothing were well constructed and very luxurious great job to both designers !

Valentino Fall Winter 2012 Fashion Show

Now that Valentino was unsigned from the house it was time for a new move for The House of Valentino. Starting the season off with a new prospective for Menswear Fall/winter 2012 it's a whole new outlook. The Fall/winter 12 show was shown in Florence and designed by two guest designers from Pitti Uomo's named Maria Graziachiui and Pier Piccioli put a spin of total classical designs for the debuted collection. Love the show they kept it simple with models styled in all black tux with marvelous bow ties.

Menswear Burberry Prorsum winter/fall 12

It all to begin with a dramtic opening of falling rain for Menswear winter/fall 12 show for Burberry Prorsum. The most AH- MAZING show I've seen so far this up and coming season and I'm impressed. The Knit sweaters, velvet taliored suits, and qulited jackets were the high-light of the show and enjoyed every minute of it.

Givenchy Pre-fall 12

OBESSED !! would be the word for this Givenchy pre-fall collection. The collection Reminds me of every collection that Riccardo Tisci has done in his time with Givenchy converting everything from previous pieces I seen inspiration from Spring/ Summer 12 and Winter/fall. The workmanship of the garments brings me pure harmony, and The Patch work with the lather and different textiles from Givenchy are DIVINE DARLING. My most obsessions would be the hats, I'm a sucker for great accessories it's so chic when you have Givenchy on your side. Agree...

Jeremy Scott X Adidas S/S12

Jeremy Scott is one of my favorite designers when it comes to a collection when you're looking to have fun. I never owned a pair of adidas but Jeremy Scott makes me wish I did especially his partnership with them.  The colors are so vibrant and since I love music the musical notes that were printed on the jackets  are so unique , yet, so appealing.


Shit White Girls Say...to Black Girls


I must totally be honest with you, When I seen this I couldn't help but not to LOL at everything she said because it's kind of sad but it is mostly true. I have been hitting the repeat button more than once because it's so damn funny. I think you will enjoy as much as I did.




OMG , one of my Favorite magazines has done again with this fashion extravaganza. I loved every moment of guessing who the models clothing they are wearing and what was most fun seeing the models give there all to the Photographer whose name is Emma Summerton. The entire Shoot was styled by Fashion Stylist Edward Enninful that prepared the fashion shoot for W Magazine with Designer clothing such as Givenchy, Prada, Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen, Roberto Cavalli,  Calvin Klein, and many more from the clothing to the accessories.

emma summertonemma summerton

emma summerton

The models are Beautiful and I'm happy that they used some great looking black models.

You want to see more photo?

3.1 Phillip Lim "IMPROV-ISUALISTS" Men's SS12

I am never interested in Menswear clothing although I am a Guy but I find Womens Clothing much more enjoyable to look at. Sometimes I do have my itch for Menswear and Phillip Lim has hit the spot with this Menswear collection for S/S12. I'm impressed with the two tone dyes on the pants, and shirt. I've always been in love with trench coats and what other way to be stylish with a light weight trench.

This has giving me EVERYTHING !!!!


I have been hearing a lot about the movie "My Week With Marilyn" when reading through the pages of Vogue Magazine in the October and reading who was going to play such a graceful character in this movie along with the others. Marilyn Monroe will be played by actress Michelle Williams which is a very interesting role for her to play. I'm excited to see what the movie has to offers such as good drama  and I can't wait until the movie hits the theaters. My Week with Marilyn was Directed by  Simon Curtis and the based on the diaries and memoir by Colin Clark.

Characters in the movie are played by Michelle Williams (Marilyn Monroe), Kenneth Branagh (Laurence Olivier), Eddie Redmayne (Colin Clark), Dominic Cooper (Milton Greene), Philip Jackson (Roger Smith), Derek Jacobi (Owen Morshead), Toby Jones (Arthur Jacobs), Michael Kitchen (Hugh Perceval), Julia Ormond (Vivien Leigh), Simon Russell Beale (Cotes-Preedy), Dougray Scott (Arthur Miller), Zoe Wanamaker (Paula Strasberg), Emma Watson (Lucy) and Judi Dench (Sybil Thorndike).




Wearing : Denim Shirt. Mink, "Kilt Sweater", Ralph Lauren pants, Doc Martins,  and Alex Folzi Brife case

Hello everyone , Happy New years to a new beginning of " new life "  what other way is there by making a change to what you feel  could be better in the new year. I see myself as a person/ Fashion blogger wanting to build up myself and my brand which I hope to push forward with when its the right moment by starting to make pure classic bow ties and sale them too those how really likes them and then starting my own collection. The New years is about reinvention for the soul. Why not go for the stars where you want to be in life.  For this blog " Fashion Breakout" I believe that I will take it far beyond where I stand but it all starts with myself and the appreciation I have for Life, Fashion, and other beings that lives in this world  called earth.


Over the past days I've had an big obsession with what you would call a skirt but the correct term would be a kilt. People in Scott land would have  festivals for their cultural events walking around celebrating their heritage. We take it then revamp it as a fashion statement. Although I'm nowhere near Scottish I'm in love with what they do and how they wear their kilts. The only downside is that they take off their under pants but that's okay ! This whole entire week I've pushed to master the kilt but taking into my own hands by being very versatile turning my knit sweater from a causal everyday wear sweater into what I call a "KILT". I must remind you being in a town where sometimes being different isn't taken so lightly well for the older generation it's hard to rang out but I find ways to explore anyway. Other than that I'm honestly happy with the outcome and I've been meaning to post this a couple of days ago, But since I lost my camera adapter I couldn't until I found out how to upload using the memory card that was in my camera. Other than me wanting to buy a kilt that I'm fixated with for the moment . Over the summer I brought this beautiful bright neonish colored brief case from  Nigerian born, Toronto based designers Fela Fagbure & Fola Fabure and as you know they called their brand Alex Folzi. Like most fashion and style fanatics were obsessing over and wanting, I happen to join the group as I look at them for months and realized it was perfect  for Spring/ Summer but I decided to bring it back out into the winter/ fall. I feel that people nowadays are wearing either black or blue but I wanted to pop out of those traditional little flaws that has been going on since forever and bring in some happy go colors that will put a smile on people's faces when they see me or this AH-MAZING briefcase. I hope to get another one soon but in a different more glorified color. the boots I order on the website for Doc Martens and only for the reason I've always wanted some Doc Martens and wanted something that was very close to combat boots. As soon I they arrived at my door I was excited to finally have them in a presents.



Versace Choker

Yes, I do know that the collaboration is over but I love this Versace Chocker with the diamond crusted panter on it.

I seriously find this so unique and flashy ! and I LOVE FLASHY THINGS.

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