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Lately , As I've told you before I'm going to be making a beanie veil inspired hat by the Jill Sander collection  that Raf Simons designed before heading to Dior. Just last night I've been playing around with my Russian veil I purchased from Mood Fabrics online. Something about a veil is so classical, chic, and everything I've imagined it to be. As aspiring designer I'm always thinking of new concepts that will prepare me for something new , and something new would be to make the Beanie hat instead of your traditional hat . Thrilled to do this tribute/project. It's not the money that make you it's what you can come up with to develop style, as well a great personality.


Also I've been wanting to add color to my closets so what is better then adding pastels? trendy , and cool.

Purchased from American Eagle !

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