Loosely inspired

Today was new, fun, and loosely inspired.

Form time to time you will not see me at a party, or going out lately but today was the perfect day to head out with my friend Mia Burke for the so called fashion girl and guy day out. We've been planning to head to a fabric store, and do some thrifting  at some boutiques, and we couldn't because of our scheduals but since it's a total Sunday some businesses are regulated to be closed. The fabric store was marked of the list so we decided to head to Rumors Boutique which wasn't too far downtown from where we were coming from.  when we arrived to the store on the spot we found out we had only five minutes to shop, and within my five minutes I dashed into the winds grading necklaces, sunglasses , and adjustable rings. all things my closet have been craving to have for the longest of time. After we went to Starbucks to fill my cup with chocolate frappuccino, I acknowledged that I left my phone right at  the store, and traveled  back into my mind. when I placed my phone on the table. On the inside/out I panicked. We went to the store to see if they were still there , and not a soul was to be found. I had to contact the owners of the store that I know personally. I now have to pick my phone up at the store tomorrow afternoon.

Lesson: Always keep your phone safe inside your bag, or pockets. Never place it down anywhere that you will forget it. 

Other then that ! I'm happy to have went out, and my closet is especially my closet. I've been talking and making a need list of what was needed.


I always appreciate comments from fellow bloggers, and readers. I also adore what you guys/ladies write.

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