Life in Avant Garde

All week I've been talking it up that I was walking in my School's fashion show on twitter. The show was so festive and full of imagination and tons of hard work was put into it. I chose the title Life in Avant Garde because most of the time I'm pretty drawn towards styles, and fashion that are quite unique. Not every day you get the excitement to see that person walk down the street. As of may 9th . 2012 I was in my element to surprise, and bring out more of my "ego". The first scene that opened the show was the military scene and the thought came to me saying why not wear a net? Let me catch some more attention that will get them talking. I might have them talking for centuries. The experience was wonderful , heart exhilarating ,  and what made it better was to have my parents , and friend to come out to support me. other then that Now with this net I now own. I know this isn't a everyday thing to wear but somehow I have the temptation to want to wear it again somehow, some way. You never know what to expect from me , and I surprise myself often.

I'll think of something #shhh

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