Golden Ambition "Obessed"

Spring is already here and the fall/winter is gone until next time. but for the metallic trend why wait  next fall to wear something "on trend" instead I wanted it now and just a simple stitch away. On my sewing machine of course, I got it. every since I made it I couldn't help but want to wear it with almost anything. Hello, I was am obsessed with my creation. took me two days to finish it and now I can sas-shay away turning heads and widen eyes of the people I pass by. It's unnormal , crazy , and misunderstood. I say it's brillant if that was my imput on it as the third person speaking.

The feeling is that when you make something or even do the unthinkable you're bound to be most proud of it.

12+ photos ahead after the jump.


Wearing : cheetah print scarf, gloden lame shirt by me, sunglasses, denim vest by me, pants by me, shoes American Eagle

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