Givenchy Spring/Summer 2012


Givenchy Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear
Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy has caused my death and has reformed me into another revamped soul with this Spring/Summer collection. Riccardo has never used prints when other designers have been for Spring/Summer, Instead he's always chosen to go in the other direction and with that direction I will follow. Let me give you a recap on what's what if you don't remember what happened: last season was about letting loose with your inner suffer with the best of Hawaiian prints on the pants, jackets, and Kilts. The Season before was giving a sense of a wild side of vicious Rottweiler's printed on shirts and pants and give us a rock star edge to the feel of clothing.

Now! This Season beings you to a more stronger era with tailored blazers, and softness within the collection. You would think he would use normal materials but it wouldn't be Riccardo if he didn't use those exotic fabrics such as eel skin, shark, or stingray. opening the show with model Natalia Vodianova in look #1 had to be the a great moment for her and as she walks on in that sexy blazer I just couldn't help but say wow. Again with Givenchy pushing forward but taking a inspiration from the last collection he Incorporated the second skin pant and manipulated it by turning it into a wet suit like bottoms.

pushing through the line up you seen shirts and dresses cut in Chiffon material . Then seeing stain being used in the up most extraordinary way.

Givenchy Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear
Push Further ahead into the line up I couldn't help but noticed the decent cut in the dress that model Kati Nescher  was wearing. The lather trim and the way it was cut to kind of revela some skin with out showing with was genius., from the other garments this piece had to be one of my favorites.

now lets talk about the silver shark tooth necklace!!

Givenchy Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear


Unlike me as a High School Junior and having to attend classes for so what you would say "Biology" and "Earth Science" pure science to me anyway. I always find it funny and very boring to sit in a class room for 90 minutes before changing to another course. We are always learning about fossils and things of that nature.

Now , For Givenchy this makes Biology looks  kind of fun and it show fashion has a way of finding a way through what we learn in everyday school life 5 days out of the week. I love this shark tooth necklace it's so simple and a piece I feel that is timeless. People that are interested in collecting  regular shark tooth fossils should be very intrigued by what Riccardo whipped up for up with this amazing piece. The most intriguing part about it that its silver and I am a person that like shiny things like silver.

Honey it's absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!

Sergio James Spring Summer 2012

Sergio James Spring Summer 2012
Menswear Designers James Field and Sergio Wonder are planning to make a move and take the fashion industry over by toll with their creative style and designer ascetics for durable style without strict restraint to passive trends or popular fashion. Sergio and James were two designers who were brought together by  'Ellie Owen' designer Leon Curry and that was the start of their designer label Sergio James.

I'm  impressed by the label's constantly evolving "Jo" concept. The brand Sergio James  regards towards quality, authenticity, and fine details are proven worthy of acknowledgement. The authenticity of their Jo necklaces and bracelets makes me want to consume them and feel such pride that I am wearing an authentic piece of the brand I most definitely see myself wearing the both red and black Jo necklaces!

 I wish the both Sergio and James best blessing to become the next best thing in the fashion along with the label, Also I have high hopes that they will have a men's line of clothing as well for woman if that's in their future for Sergio James.

Click to Read more about both of the Designers !

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This 40 minute Video of Tom Ford's Documentry will change you life ! ENJOY! XOXO


Shopping With Marian Kihogo

I adore London based Fashion stylist / Fashion blogger Marian Kihogo. She's a impeccable women of nature and style and most influential in the fashion industry. I love her style and how she dresses is very much like African culture but with a mixture of what's going on in today's pop culture much of creating a master piece of perfection with out being too, too perfect. When she said " when I'm styling for a person I like to get too know the person and where their mind frame are" that is how she determines what the person should wear to an event.

Marian is the most third person in my book to be a role model to people how wants to pursue a career in the fashion styling industry.

Chatting with her via twitter gives me joy ! why wouldn't I not feel that way she's a woman of gracefulness and style. I asked her  what are her goals for the New year , and as she said in the interview "live each moment to the full."- Marian Kihogo

What a Fabulous way to start a new year and end it !

You want to see her blog ? You will be blown away by what she talks about, You will feel the passion that she has for fashion, her celebration of life , and much more that is very moving in a sense.


Go Here : http://mariankihogo.com/


How a Girl Should Put a Man's Shirt

How Fascinated I am when I'm  on the Internet and this my friend had to be the most interesting DIY,  videos
I've seen in ages. Turning a mans shirt into a top, dress, or a skirt. I fell mostly in love with the versatility of how you could wear your pieces, and I honesty think that it should be implied into to a collection . Why have one top when you can change in an matter of seconds into an extravagant dress that will wow the guest of the party.

What do you think ?


Birdman - Y.U. MAD ft. Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne

OMG, I'm having a Hip-hop over load and on the normal I'm always listening to pop music. But I am in love with this song especially Nicki Minaj's verse. She's the female Wezzy.

Ugh and lets not forget that Marc Jacobs Fox Fur Trapper Hat that Little Wanye had on in the music video which I couldn't stop looking at. Gosh if I were Rich this would be at the top of my Wish list any day or night.
The cost of this Outrageously beautiful hat is $1,200.00 that's like taking out a loan to pay for college.

The colors  come in two colors Yellow , and Red.

I love, love, love, love it ! Especially the red one 
 this hat is a Winter Must have...

Which would you choose to spend your loan on ? The hat or College. lol

Check it out here (Marc Jacobs) click click click 


A is for ALDO

Okay, As you all should I'm the fashion queen of my favorite store, and what you probably didn't know that ALDO has Launch a Fragrance called A is For ALDO  both for men and women. Personally I loved the womens side more then the mens because of the delightful of sents ADLO has put out. The bottles are in different colors , and all have different smells which gives you a feeling of playfulness. I only smelled two of the testers which was the Yellow A and Blue A, I am going to tell you to be honest I recommend the blue one because its more sweet , and I'd wear it all the time. The yellow A smells more like Lemon Sunshine but the smell didn't rub me the right way. All is your choice in how you want to smell, But shop A IS FOR ALDO (Click to shop for Fragrance online)  or Go to your local Malls to Buy.

Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe

The Beat , the song , everything is flawless .. A way to tell them cunts to back off. ha ha. NUFF SAID


Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack

Marc by Marc Jacobs black nifty gifty backpack

I seen this Bag from Marc Jacobs and I literally died ,  and I've if I died over every other thing darlings I'd say that I died 100,000,000 times over this  MARC by Marc Jacobs is wonderful. Ain't  see a beauty?

The bag is made out of faux leather but the bad ass edgy python-scale details  which is awesome !

 Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack, $280 at SSENSE


HEY ! its Mr. Mc' swagger .. Well When I was in the mall after work some kid said that when I past by when I was on my way to ALDO. lol

p.s I need a photographer or a better cam.

wearing : sunglasses from Rumors Boutique, Hanley shirt, blazer, Fred Perry Bag, Socks and Boots A.E.

You're beauitful

What make me Beautiful is the fact that I can live fearlessly, and carelessly of what people think of me. Yes I can be insecure about myself but everything changes when I know what's true about who I am and it’s what I think.  I'm not a small framed person but I'm a person that believes in myself.  I'm 17 years old and a strong individual. Some people look at me by my preference as being a Gay male and I never understood why. I'm not sadden by what people say or do because I have faith that it will come a day when I'm needed most and I'll be off in the winds where those who put me down or at least tired too  didn’t get the best of me.



I will  let the man himself Karl Lagerfled speak for the collection that was inspired by India's fashion and I spotted that when I first seen the images . I love how he experiments with clothing and still keeps them modern.

Beauty within the clothing speaks loudly !


Family Begginngs with Chocolate endings

I believe it's nice to have time to spend with family on some occasions and I had a blast doing it on a Sunday afternoon for early dinner at a Buffet which was awesome. Sharing laughs and telling stories about what happened during the week , and eating although I always find myself not eating a lot like most would do, Instead I feel like I eat like a bird. ha ha !

Besides from the two fried chickens and a delicious spinach salad with white shredded mozzarella cheese , Crab meat, and ranch dressing. UGH ! and how I enjoyed the divine chocolate fountain I discovered where the rest of the deserts were. Oddly I'm shocked that I missed it !

hum, Maybe because I was so into my song by Lady Gaga that was playing on Pandora. Yeah that was it !

Anyway I never really have chocolate cover strawberries and when I did it was more then tasty I DIED !

You'd think that I was in chocolate Haven and I was, oh how I wish that I stuffed some in a napkin and put it in my bag from Aldo. But it's so UNLADY LIKE TO DO SUCH ACTS... ;)



OK, I know that I've talked about this bag forever months ago but I don't care look at it. The bag is worth talking about 15 season from now. I can honestly walk down the street with this and not have a dam problem doing it. For me This fur bag from the Kanye West collection from Winter/fall did for me , and I don't believe that the collection was giving credit for its outstanding efforts. The collection started with his ex Girlfriend Amber Rose but since they weren't together by the time it was launched he had to finished it with no time to spare. On my personal opinion I felt that this collection was the best collection out of all the lines he has done, Especially with this beautiful fur backpack. Somebody !  Quickly tell Him to send this to me or if I could have it or what would I have to do too have it on my back.

I NEED IT !!!!!!

I still give my standing ovation to this collection.

The making of Phillip Lim's sensational collage dress

I don't know about you but this makes me love Philip Lim more then I did before I seen this  video from Net-a-porter. He's so talented in what he does that keeps him so relevant in the fashion industry. The Collage Dress is so amazing because of the time that was put into the dressmaking process, As he said he rather make his dress by himself but have a home atelier to help. Thanks to Net-a-porter you will always see what's new and how designers work to provide a collection every 2 season each year. Yes I do know this is from Spring/ Summer 10 collection but its just so flawless !

Lady Dior The Film - L.A.dy Dior

Wow, and YES where the words I could say about this short flim "L.A.D.Y Doir."

What do you think?

Morning Sunshine

When waking up on a Saturday morning normal people would eat breakfast, chill around the house, or go out. I on the other hand  just woke up  and randomly decided to go into my closet to photography a outfit I just happened to think of. Only with a fast paste in then back out of my closet picking up items I pictured like no tomorrow. I had imagined sending photographs of my shots to Vogue Magazine  for a magazine feature. I put on my genius creation, picked up my Sony Cyber. Shot camera and then headed outside to make some magic.

Issac newton couldn't even couldn't even figure out the laws of how I did it.

Read more after the jump, and see the pictures.



I'm gonna be a star, you know why? Because I have nothing else to lose..
Yes , Gaga.. Story of my life and words that I have forever qouted since I was little.

But this video was So epic , I just can't stop hitting replay.

Werk GAGA !

Alexander Wang Zoro angular-frame

large product image

My fashion goddess has just laid hands over me.....

As I'm looking for items to blog about / Jewel over I spotted these bad boys from the Alexander Wang collection which I have no problem with saying I'm in love with.


Thanks to Fly life PR

Thanks to Fly life Pr and my awesome friend Wardrobe stylist/ Fashion Contributor Perrin Johnson  I might just be heading to NY Fashion Week  during the month of February. I've never been to  New York for any events like I have been dying to for many years of knowing what a fashion show was about. I'm already thinking about what to wear or how to wear it.

Fly life Pr if you never heard of it CEO name is J.Ryan La Cour and that would be a pleasure of meeting / interning for them during the summer if that is possible. Fly life PR  has been accompanied with clientele such as Dawn Richards from Dirty Money , Kiely Williams, Judi Jai, Vanessa Simmons, and The Braxtons. 

The clients they are working with has put them on the map and to know that I might be going to fashion week gives me chills down my dam spine. ha

They also have been working on a campaign called " Be You" and I find that very important because we are so focused on others are doing and trying to fit in but I love the message telling people to be themselves.


I just wanted to take the time to thank them very much especially Perrin  ! Now let me add some things to my Christmas list , You have to be Fly to ride. ;) 

Check out their website:

Perrin Johnson



"Happy Holidays #MARCFAM xoxo"

If you haven't heard that Marc Jacobs put together a photo gallery where your photos can be selected for the holidays to be a part of #HASHTAG "#MARCFAM"just through via twitter. I just happened to be picked and now my photo is  the Marc Jacobs website with my saying " Happy Holidays #marcfam xoxo - @Fashionbreakout".

When getting a mention confirming that I was pick , I couldn't fucking breath ! I tell you I went jumping around the room , then called my friend Stephen to tell the great news ! ha

I'm  honored to be a part of the Marc Jacobs family because I've always adored his work with Louis Vuitton , and his fashion brand Marc Jacobs. You can view my photo here ( #marcfam)

and you could also submit your photo to be a part of this and Thanking (MarcMarcJacobsIntl) for choosing my photo.  


academy of art university spring 2012 fashion show : before show


Via http://www.fashionschooldaily.com/

NY Fashion Week Spring 2012 : Acedemy of art U

Back in September I received an invitation to one of my Favorite art school fashion show for Spring 2012 to view the most talented designs by the graduating designers that have been chosen to have their designs walk the runway during NY fashion week at Lincoln center. Unfortunately, I  wasn't able to attend the show but I was happy to know that they have live stream and I tell you that the show was AWESOME !!

I'm more happy to find pictures from the collection along with the names of the designers.

click click click


As the announcement has launch that Swedish designer Marni will be collaborating with H&M for a Spring/Summer collection that is ready to take place sooner than you think. I'm still trying to heal from the Versace collection. I am excited about this one because the collaboration is bring forth a new persona of prints that will sure light up the season. I'm just dying to see more of what's to come from this collaboration between the worlds more fashion market H&M and the designer. Also hoping for an invite ;)

I'm waiting until more pictures come to the surface.


Nicki Minaj Barbie xoxo

 The moment has finally come that Nikki Minaj has been turned into a barbie doll by the company Mattel.

The Barbie doll was designed by a close friend of mines and mentor Stephen Sumner(@guruuvy )
 who was inspired by Nikki Minaj's Pink Friday Album. Previously before I always thought a doll designed  in her honer  and has mentioned it numerous of times and BAM ! HERE SHE IS. Ha Ha !

They have worked hard on this project and I'm proud to know a doll designer with great talents that can be spotted within a mile away, Stephen has worked with Mattel for many years and another successful has been made.

 I hear that the doll  has been auctioned off  for $5,000 U.S dollars , What an accomplishment !

I love the Pink Friday Album and man I love this doll... I want it !

I'm giving full gratitude to the Mattel , and my friend Stephen.


Also Speaking of Nikki Minaj ! I had a dream I met with her and went shopping and then I woke up. Ha , Cool right, But it would be awesome to meet her.



Remember me telling you guys about Julian Pierre Booney? and about his flash mob fashion show that was in new york November 30th also as he has said that that was his birthday?

Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum

I can't say I don't believe this but! I can say ABOUT TIME !

I'm tremendously happy about Valentino released a gallery featuring her latest and oldest collection through a virtual museum online http://Valentino.com, Showing dresses that have graced the runways, red carpets, editorials, and important people over the years.  I'm excited because I've always been a fan of Valentino Garavani work and makes every gown effortless with any women who wears Valentino is surely flawless in my book.

I went through everything with just a download away and I am floored when looking throughout out the virtual museum , I couldn't help but to realize how special the brand Valentino is especially in couture clothing.





Every since I seen this collection for SS11 and these beautiful sunglasses, I just couldn't help but to be obessed over them. I especally loved the brown and white colored ones and I find myself etheir on the prada website tracking them down or a website that holds them like net-a-porter. I don't care how many collections Prada has this has to be my most favorite out of all of the recent collection I've watched. I believe in classics and also timelessness and those Baroque sunglasses are still in my book ! $290.00 are a price to work for but I have tried the approch of asking my friends/stylist to buy me a pair. lol

love love love it !

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