What, What's happening ?!? Another collaboration but with Marni for H&M.. AMAZING !


Black Friday, Friday Black

I must tell you all that today was the biggest sell of the year besides from Fashion night out and that sale is called BLACK FRIDAY. Out of my entire life I've never ever worked in a retail store and this Holiday shopping day was the most interesting day of the my life, Talking about coming in at 11 pm- 5am on a Thursday night and working until morning comes which would be Friday leaving the mall at 7 then coming back at 5pm-11pm . We opened the store up afffround 12am and MY GOD! the customers came running in the door like chickens with no heads on. I never thought to see such  excitement out of people so early when we normally your suppose to be in bed sleep  then again who doesn't want to get that half of sales. I kid you not that the store was full of buying costumers and the lines were longer than anything you can imagine ( I might
 be exaggerating just a bit
 ) but the line was long. HA!


After Working my 11-6 , Well it was suppose to be 6 but 5 is good enough. I decided to go look around Chesterfield town center mall to see what's in store for me on a shopping Holiday like this and I just had to stop by my all time favorite store to say Hello to a few buddies I've made in the store and I am fixated with everything when I was in ALDO is like the guilty pleasure I get whenever I walk in the department from shoes, and bags I spotted this lucky number and had to know the name of the beautiful leather studded bag. I asked one of the workers and it's called the HUXTABLE bag (click to buy) which comes in two different colors Bone, and Black. I'd prefer getting Bone it's just a classic, The cost of the bag is $48.00 and since the sale was 20% OFF you would be a happy customer. I thought this bag was so beautiful any girl , tranny, guy, and he-male should want to have this bag. ENJOY!!!

On the other hand what I brought will be here on its way from Canada. I will tell you about that bag when it gets here.

love you guys.



Julian Pierre Boney " INVINTAGE"


Julian Pierre Boney{pronounced BO-NAY} the collection is based on the embodiment of whimsical edge. This line was designed to be full of eye catching statement pieces for the fashion forward woman of tomorrow. Styling comes second nature to the design aspect of his work and combined it becomes his own form of art. HE loves to use both his own designs combined with other quality designers to create... what he calls a "fashion collision masterpiece."

His aesthetic for the collection comes from the empowerment of women and inspiration to make them feel confident about their beauty& femininity,be bold, feel sexy & strong! He has been designing since elementanary but took full charge of his passion for the art of design in 2007.
Today He's relased an introduction for his clothing line while doing a flash mod fashion show on the walk ways of the washington monument which couldn't of been a better too have models sashay in his revemped clothing that was created from vingtage pieces and some he has created himslef. I just died and went into fashion haven when I seen this "literaly" I had the entire video on repate!
The black draped gown screamed PARIANS CHIC, with an egdy of Couture, and I'm in love with that hat.

I'm happy to hear that he will be in NY show casing his new collection "monozygous" on november 30th 2011 at 11:30 pm . After seeing this video I know that it will stun the crowd and I don't think you want to miss out on it !

Congradulation Julian!

Magnum Opus- Culture Magazine


I was gracing through the Internet (like I do always) ... and  happened to stop these images of this beautiful model named Nikki Thot. I just couldn't help myself when seeing this amazing model posing carelessly in full on bright colors for this shoot. Browsing through the web I found out what magazing  it was and who styled , basically the whole nine yards, and this is what I found out. The photoshoot was taken graphed by Mariha  Jalena , and styled by Kate Carnegie and don't forget the flawless make-up/hair done by MUA Hair Shella Martin , and  model Nikki Thot. I'd say that these are the best images I've seen so far. Also adding I love seeing Dark sinked models in bright colors they both work together .


Marc Jacobs's spring collection stolen

Marc Jacobs's spring collection stolen!?!?

Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2012

Something has went terribly wrong this season for the house of Marc Jacobs when I reading from  [ fashionbombdaily] via [fashion.telegraph.co.uk]  that Samples of the designer's spring/summer 2012 collection have been stolen in transit from Paris. I couldn't believe what I was reading and I was in pure shock about what has occurred right before press day when all editors and publications get to get there hands on some of the pieces and review them. I JUST CAN'T GO ON.... only that I remain in silence about the tragedy that has happened.

READ MORE HERE: [fashion.telegraph.co.uk CLICK CLICK CLICK


Donnatella Versace always amazes me what everything see does and with this being the first time in history for Versace collection to collaborate with H&M. I love the idea of giving those who want to be fashionable a chance to shine , and the fashion show was outrageous from the women wear and menswear. I'm upset that the collection won't be selling here in Richmond, Va and that is a serious issue to me but other then that love love love every piece that walked the runway.

I say that this collaboration is much better then the LANVIN although I did enjoy it.

Great show Miss Versace !




wearing : Mink, blazer, Broken Celebirty Sunglasses (esty.com) , Louis Vuttion bag, Plaid shirt

Wow, What a load of Fresh air it is to get back to you guys after  missing days of posting. My week has been everywhere dealing with High School, Homework, peers, networking, and working on the weekend for Hollister Co. on the weekends. GESH!  A work load to do. Besides from that exciting things have been happening to me. Went shopping for my school's fashion show that will be occurring this month and boy talk about serious team work also including that I'm the coordinator that gives ideas. I've been thinking about things as far as for the model's make-up, What time will it start , and where it would be held at the time being of the show. Second year doing this and I want it to be better than the one we hosted last year at the end of the day. I imagined this year's fashion show as if I were in Dior couture show just blowing the crowd away. During the show it's suppose to be different categories such as Formal, Winter attire, and Fur and of course I chosen to model for fur, Picture me walking down the runway like Chanel Iman. HA! but I got skills along with the talents.

During the entire week I have been giving a sneak of what I might wear but not nessercerly giving them every detail there is just getting everyone excited about the show, lord knows I am.

I will be posting more photos after my the show of my outrageous out fits.



Wearing: sleeveless  Raw Couture Gray shirt, long sleeve cotton fleece,Vintage Mink, A.E jeans, and Underground Brothel lace Creepers (TopManUSA)

I would like to first say that I hoped everyone enjoyed there Halloween last week because I did. Halloween to me gives you freedom to dress more freely even if you express yourself everyday , Like Moi ! I  had  tons of fun doing it and I might just do it more ofent. SHOPPING TIME !

Although I'm considered dressing differently from my peers at school  and some family members. I've  been feeling the itch to dress rebellious with my fashion style since the beginning of time. I got me some eye liner, and  Vola ! I dressed as extreme as I possiably could and it fell through. I also went into my closet and pulled out my custom made Raw Couture shirt that my designer friend Kolby Keen made for me a few months ago.

Turned some heads , took pictures, and here's my favorite pictures of me.


Once the Lanvin's Winter/ Fall chimerical campaign hit the Internet a few months ago it was time to put on your dancing shoes. Female, She guys, and guys have been dancing the day away. I just loved how much fun it is and that is What Alber Elbaz  brings to the fashion brand Lanvin.

I'm not sure but I feel as if I want to make a video dancing... Should I? lol

Well I hope you enjoyed it !

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