I have been waitting to see the images from the collaboration between Versace X H&M. As far as the clothing I'm really excited about the acessoires and I can't wait untill also HOPE it hits the stores here in Richmond, Va. I've amired everytime H&M does a collab with high fashion designers because it gives you a chance to get a feel of the glam life. Not like anyone could do that, ANYWAY !! I'M SUPER EXCITED , HOW ABOUT YOU?


Tre Ford only in his  20’s  was already making statements where ever he went. Trekking through clubs around the city he would constantly be approached and asked for autographs and the name of his stylist. They all loved his aesthetic and natural attraction to glamour. People wanted to look like Tre because he creates a persona with his clothes that everybody envied. It does not matter who you are because he possesses the uncanny ability to find a person’s individual flair and elegance, and illuminate it with his sheer style and grace.

The Brooklynite with Haitian roots is ready to be added to the list of greats hailing from his town. Born Berthold Jean-Charles, he grew up studying the aesthetics of artists like Jimi Hendrix, Bootsie Collins, and Prince. Tre Ford is just beginning to get started in this complex world that he calls an “influx of non-signature works of art”. By creating art through fashion, he’s making it known that he is here to stir up controversy and chaos, while simultaneously keeping people inspired. Tre Ford has worked with celebrity photographers Charles Tracy and Willis Roberts. His work has graced the pages of such prestige publications such as ELLE, Z!NK and Boulevard .

I just had to interview him because his talent as a Afro American shined among me.

 How are you today Mr. Ford?

 I have seen your work and to be honest it's amazing! What inspires you each time you style a client?
 Merci, Everything!.... I'm always going through a different experience so I use that with each and every project and I always want to top my last work of art. I'm always competing with myself!

What's the story of how you started styling?
 Well... I've always loved to express myself trough clothing and I wanted to take that to another level. So while working in a high boutique on the upper east side I met Janice Dickinsons sister and after a lengthy conversation she introduced me to French photographer Antoine Verglas and the rest is history.

as a stylist what have you faced?
High end*
·  Hmmmm.... This is a very contradictory answer but, being creative in a world where your honored and praised for it was a very prevalent reality for me. As well as working my way through a predominantly white industry. But once I started to prove myself "WORTHY" I started to be accepted slowly and slowly.

 what separates you from others fashion stylist in the industry?
 What separates me is the ability to take my personal style and bring it to the forefront of my work. Which has been a gift and a curse, because if you look at the overall scope and aesthetic of fashion... It's mostly a straight line... Not that many curves or detours so to speak. As well as my ability and blessing in disguise to have never been granted the opportunity of being able to assist a fashion stylist or intern for a magazine... Which is something almost every seasoned fashion stylist has done.

out of all the years to that have pasted what client would you say was you favorable to shoot?
·  Myself, when I shot the editorial for my feature in Hollywood Weekly with my muse Gemmy Quellz from Major Model Management that was an experience that I would never forget. I was the "MODEL" "CREATIVE DIRECTOR" and "FASHION STYLIST". So, for now that would be my most favorable client to shoot. I know that's not the answer most would say. But, I'm not most people

 what designers inspire you?

I'm inspired by Dsquard2, John Gallino, Gucci, Commes DES Garçon.
·  Comme des garcons

 What's your alternative to fashion?

Alternative to fashion..... Writing

In ten words what describes Tre Ford?
·  and of course. AMAZING ;)


 Most stylist that have been that have been in the styling scene eventually start there own fashion line, Do you see Tre ford as a brand?

It's interesting that this question is asked now... Because I have gotten this many time before. But now I'm in a graciously different place in my life. So I will just say ... I'm creating the brand before people even know that I exist. So you take that wherever you want to. ;)
I've recently and forever will work for the people who can't seem to find a voice in a fashion world that only gives way for a few.

What do you think would change about Tre Ford in 10 years or less?
The only will change besides the amount of wrinkles on my face would be the number of people I touch with my overall aesthetic as a fashion entity and my philosophy of being a human being a part of a forever changing society.
·  The only thing that will change*

What advice would you give to those that want to make it in the industry of fashion?

BE YOURSELF!! And  know exactly what it is that you want. Think of it like this..... How would you know if a small child is hungry if it doesn't go near the refrigerator?
I've recently and forever will work for the people who can't seem to find a voice in a fashion world that only gives way for a few.

Thank you so much !

Tre Ford- "No problem. It's always a pleasure to share what I do and give a voice through words and not just clothing."

Here's some of Tre Ford's work


Elle Vietnam - July 2011 - Editorial “Summer Love”Foto: Jamie NelsonStyling: Tre Fordunder the creative direction of Phuong MySunglasses: Christian DiorStructured corsage with bubble skirt: Malgorzata DudekRoyal blue silk skirt: CHEAYROCHELLEShorts: Anthony TaylorNecklace: Adha Zelma

One image from my editorial in ELLE magazine’s July 2011 issue FASHION STYLING BY: ME (TRE FORD) malgorzata:

Elle Vietnam - July 2011 - Summer Love - unpublished photo with my skirtFoto: Jamie NelsonStyling: Tre Fordunder the creative direction of Phuong MyBlazer:STEPHEN BURROWSSkirt: MALGORZATA DUDEKPearls: vintage CHANEL

FASHION STYLING BY: TRE FORD. Did i cause your death?. 

Elle Vietnam - July 2011 - Summer Love - unpublished photo with my skirt
Foto: Jamie Nelson
Styling: Tre Ford
under the creative direction of Phuong My
Pearls: vintage CHANEL

You can View more on his Website : http://treford.tumblr.com/

You will fall in love believe me I did.



An ensemble of my Fab accessories I wore today.

We Found Love

Rihanna.... Rihanna, RIHANNA !  We found love in a hopeless place but listening to this song had tons of meanings and I enjoyed this popish song, and the oh beatiful male model Dudley O’Shaugnessy co-stared in this wonderful video which was shot in london.

What I like about this video?

1. The 50's rock inspired fashion !

2. the meaning of the song !


What did you think about  her new video?


Boots fixation

Since winter/fall is near I have been in fixated with combat boots and these boots from Dr. Martens are a special treat for me this season. The reason for loving them because I've always been a fan of British fashion as if I were there in my last life.

This shoe screams rebellion and I love that in anything I do.

Also since I've seen these I'm thinking about putting them in my school's fashion show.


Vauthier Alexandre

There's is something about Vauthier Alexandre that draws my attention ! Is it the sexiness, and sleekness of the clothing or the high glamour. I would mostly say all of them.

The work he puts into each collection is phenomenal , rather unexplainable. I was just watching his winter/fall show online and I just died inside because of the feeling of being complete. The use of furs, shapes, and reds were undeniably beautiful.

He makes Haute couture wearable, and very iconic.

If I were to meet him I wouldn't know what to do! he's just that great for a man living out of Paris.

If you haven't seen his amazing collection that I'M FIXATED WITH THEN HERE YOU GO.

He makes fashion memoriable. Agree?


Haider Ackermann Spring/Summer 2012

I can go on for hours of how astonishingly beautiful this collection is but clearly you can see it for yourself. Haider Ackermann wowed me with the gorgeous color pallets, and the use of draping that he has done. 

Achermann is well known for using rich colors, and wonderful draping every season that screams artistic. The inspiration was pure masculine, with a side of rock legends like David Bowie, and poets that creates drama, and romance.

Honestly , I'm floored.

Anthony Vaccarello Spring/Summer 2012

I find Anthony Vaccarello Spring/Summer 2012 collection very interesting for my first time discovering him. This is the best collection I've seen with Models Jasmine Tookes, Alina Baikova ,Aline Weber walking down the runway during paris fashion week is a must see and a  flawless view. The look of mordernism gives me STATIFASHION! you can literly see me fainting front row if I was there.

I'm loving the mix of different fabrics, but also the shiloutess that he has chosen to do for this season coming for spring. Anthony's collection apears to make a women feel sexy and yet on trend with what going on, Whether its a night on the street or going to the club that women represents fashion.

I also feel a little bit of masclinity within the collection. Agree?

What did you think about Anthony Vaccarello's collection?

I love seeing your comments....




Remember me telling you guys about the interview I had with hollister in( Diversity only )?

Well to let you all know that I'm an official worker at Hollister co. ! During my orientation this past Friday I felt as if the experience was surreal, Why? well my biggest goal in life was to either work in a store with clothing, or make my own. Other than that become a fashion editor, stylist, anything that is fashion related. but this is the closest thing I can do right at this moment and BOY ! I'm happy to be a worker at Hollister.

I can't wait to start my first day !

P.S Hope to get use to seeing inside the store but everything is wonderful.


Favorite items from Kenye West Spring/Summer 2012

DW Kanye West spring summer 2012 fox fur backpack

Since seeing the fashion show and the looks for fall which is the beautiful furs for winter, I spot to look at one of the fur bags that were in Kenye's fashion show during Paris fashion week.

I'm literally lusting over this bag like the rent was due today honey.

Paris Fashion week with Kenye West Spring/Summer 2012

Kanye West Spring 2012 Ready-to-WearKanye West Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

I finally happy to see Kenye West Spring/Summer 2012 collection and that all rumors were true about him showing his collection during Paris Fashion Week this season. For years of Kenye West sitting front row at numinous amounts of fashion shows, He's taking on a NEW mark by starting his very own collection. Its wonderful to see a style icon/rapper pull together a collection but,  it's EXTRAORDINARY and way beyond what I imagined to see a Kenye do something that is so chic and high fashion. I'm fixated with the concepts, shapes, and Furs that you could wear for winter ,  EVERYTHING!!

Kenye West I give you a standing ovation for a wonderful collection.

what did you think?


During the week I have been on an interview for Hollister co. and I remember the question a the interviewer ask me, How do you I feel about Diversity? The question hit me, I believe that diversity should be applied every single day. Nothing is never the same , but that is what really makes the world go completly around. I find being Divers is way better then seening someone be the same. I love the dramitc emotions of what life is because of diversity. Maybe that is what keeps people identiy in place because we aren't the same and never should be.

My feelings for diversity is beyond anything you can try to imagine.



During the event I seen some stylish and fashionable people. I just had to take photos!

Opening of the closet Private Party for Raw Couture


                                                                        RAW COUTURE FOR MEN

The revealment of the line which was in the closet was bigger then anything I have ever imagined giving you something to remember him by and honey if this was it , I was stunned the dramitc pause that has taken over the night. Within the closets showing both menswear and women for Raw Couture in the side for women was model/face of Raw couture Monique who is Kolby's cousin modeling one of raw couture dresses.  


The experience last night was wonderful ! I couldn't imagine seeing someone as talented and driven to purse a wonderful career in fashion by starting their own line and from there working 24/7 in an amount of hours to make everything possible for them. I meet Kolby Keen via Facebook but watching his progression from there made it clear that this college kid is destine to go far and I will support him all  the way through. Other then that I will have more pictures and post of the fab event that made everything worth wild for a 17 year old kid like me. Other then that the night was about him , and networking with others in the apartment 4j. lol

Here's kolby wearing one of his piece at the event ! pure inspiration, and fashion

I would love to hear your comments...

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