Beyonce surprise 'Visual' album

I can't even explain to you how epic Ms. Carter aka "BEYONCE" is at this very moment, but, I will ! She didn't just give us a regular single like the everyday song artist; she instead decided to release secret  an album out of no where with 17 videos of visual music video to each track that shocked the whole nation at 12 midnight. Now if that is not just amazing, I don't know what else would be. Anyway,  I can't wait to buy the album and get every single bit of my edges snatched !

Luckily, some 30 second clips has been released so you can get a feel of this wonderful movement from Queen B. In additon, Can we also talk about Beyonce, Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman, and Joan Smalls all looking absolutely fab in the video 'Yonce'. I loved the styling that was involved with the video very street , sexy, and very relaxed.

FYI, you can go to iTunes and purchase the album now and enjoy.

Here are some of my fave clips !


YouTube Finds


I found these two videos last night! I can't help but not wake up and look at fashion videos. In fact, they inspire me as a creative individual to want to do more shoots and find my own inspiration to share with others. I also find it cool that little things you have seen and or experienced make you want to push yourself even harder towards your goals.

Hope you enjoy!!


Beautiful Nightmare - Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2014


Tons of thoughts ran across my mind when viewing the Spring/Summer 14 collection from Marc Jacobs. I even started to think of minor things that possibly influenced the


Attention to detail : Spring 2014 - Proenza Schouler

I have come to a realization that when viewing photos from a point of view and photos that pay attention to details from the designers shows are enthralling. You're capturing the mood of the collection's atmosphere that will possibly inspire you for your next move. Personally, I feel that it gives the show a different prospective and makes the garments more desirable and easier to understand. 

While I viewed these photographs, I have taken notice of what the designer was thinking when in the post designing process of the collection.  Proenza Schouler understood the celebration of the women's figure with lines and structure that will give her that confidence. She will be filled with excitement because of how the pieces will look and feel against her skin. 


Where are my pastels- Prabal Gurung and orange lips

Summer calls for a reminder that you will be possibly indulging in some sweet pastels. Meanwhile, Prabal Gurung in this case has given everyone a through back with a 50's vibe moving forward. Furthermore, I'm intrigued with the textiles and prints that were pushed even more throughout the collection.

I'm looking forward to seeing how these clothing will be used in up coming editorials !!

Here are my favorite looks :.

Orange Lips are the new red.....

In relation to the show of Prabal's show besides the clothing. The make up also caught my attention and I like the whole idea  ( if he was thinking ) the lips should also be the (it factor). In fact, I feel that orange lips might just be the new red. The color is bright, fun, and quite a bold choice. Anyone and everyone will not help but to stare.

My motto always applies, If they want to look, make it count ;)

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